CAREER a word signifying a life, of course everybody wishes a good life, and a good life is impossible without a successful career; a good career is worth a thousand gems. Gone are the days when just having a graduation degree earns you a job, with a handsome salary in your hands.  In today’s world of

internet and technological advancements, a successful career can’t be achieved without having an acquaintance with computer. We at CICS offer you hundred reasons to smile, with courses in almost every sphere, ranging from basic computer knowledge to diploma courses; we are dedicated in giving
you a hundred means to nourish your career.We are known as Best computer institute in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi because of our experienced faculties they have amazingly taught style so student learn faster computer basic to advanced, This will be definitely right place for your computer education, Best  Animation Course in Laxminagar Delhi, We have expert teacher’s of programming, Join today for the best programming course in Laxminagar Delhi.

CICS was born with a sole motive of mending careers, we always try to enrich our students with the most advanced and modern computer related courses, enabling them to stay an edge over others, and get their dream job. We offer ample computer courses starting with the basic computer knowledge, and ending on diploma courses like CCA and DCA.  With the earnest support of our highly qualified faculty members we parent our students with the best available courses, and let them learn in the best manner. We have a plenty of opportunity for every learner, and for everyone who wishes to know something about computer. we are very well aware of the importance computer hold in getting you the best job; not only in big MNC’s but even in government sector a basic knowledge of computer is mandatory, and if your aspirations are little high then you must possess some special computer courses. We know you aspire for a successful career, and a good job to sustain your life and our courses give you a platform where you can not only learn, but succeed.

At CICS, we research and bring the most essential computer courses which are sure to ignite your career, and take you to the apex of success. The courses offered at CICS are unique, and the faculty members we hire are experts in their field. To sum up all we can say is, “we are a team of highly skilled professionals dedicated in serving our students with the best available computer courses, and make them in line with the most modern requirements, very much essential for a successful career, and a better life.

World Class Education

  •  Offering the most reliable courses for a good job and a better career
  • A little knowledge of computer is worth a thousand gems, it incarnates your career.
  •  A basic computer knowledge is must for every job, not only in private firms but even in government sectors.
  • With online market increasing its area of influence, knowledge of computer is the most prominent means to succeed In modern world.
  • There are hundreds of courses like multimedia and animation courses which are like a magician’s pot, and gives you success instantly, in lesser time
  • Basic courses of computer are meant for everyone. A computer is like a pen which you must know how to use .
  • A sound knowledge of computer is very essential in earning you a better job


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